Our herb pillows and their effects

7 herbs relax pillow: Soft, rounded millet husks, lavender, bergamot, valerian and hop cones provide a sense of security and a restorative sleep.

Herbal sleeping pillows: Spelt, lemon balm, lavender and St. John’s wort are the secret recipe for sleepyheads – and for those who want a good night’s sleep.

Lavender pillow: soft, round millet husks and lavender is the perfect blend for a restful sleep and peaceful days.

Mountain herbs power pillows: Organic millet husks and seven selected relaxing herbs help to generate energy during sleep

Alpine pine pillows: St. John’s wort and millet support the impact of this Queen of the Alps – stone pine. The stone pine shavings contained in the pillows reduce blood pressure and promote healthy and restful sleep.

Energising pillows: A powerful bend of spelt husks, millet, buckwheat and oat herb energises the body overnight for the day ahead.

For the body & soul

aromatherapy diffuser

The effects of essential oils have been renowned for centuries and today they are known to offer a natural solution to everyday problems. Because: all oils are attributed physical and mental effects which can help to improve health and well-being.

Try out the aromatherapy diffuser including an oil of your choice for free throughout your stay and you will be impressed by the effects of your own personal aromatherapy treatment. We would be happy to advise on the choice of a suitable oil beforehand. You can also purchase the aromatherapy diffuser and suitable oils from our reception shop.

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