Environmental services at the Kräuterhotel Hochzillertal

We cultivate the HOCHgefühl of tomorrow

"Be the change you wish to see in the world."
Mahatma Gandhi

Commitment to sustainability? But of course!
Nature is full of wonders. It is a habitat - the only one we have. From it comes everything we need to be happy. Utilising the treasures of nature for well-being and enjoyment is not just an
ancient endeavour of mankind, but also our permanent heartfelt project and the central idea of our Hochzillertal philosophy.

The common thread...

Draw energy and enjoyment from the power of herbs in our herb hotel. Enjoy the Liebstöckl savoury taste sensations. Harvest moments filled with herbs in the relaxation area, encounter the treasures of nature at every turn while hiking. And at the end, take the cosy scent of herbs into your dreams. This is what guests appreciate and love about our holiday home.

To ensure that this remains the case tomorrow, we are highly motivated to take our commitment to sustainability and the common good to the highest level.

In all areas of our hotel, we are taking small and large steps to fulfil our ecological responsibility.

"Many small people doing many small things in many small places
can change the face of the world."

African proverb

Climate steps in the living & wellness area

Walking good paths in a highly relaxed manner

Living comfortably or conserving resources? Gladly both!
At the Kräuterhotel Hochzillertal we obtain 
energy that creates well-being from renewable sources. Our pellet heating system combines efficiency and environmental friendliness. We stand for a form of heating that is future-proof. We also use electricity from sunlight. Our holiday home is powered by photovoltaic energy. 10 % of our energy supply is covered by renewable energy sources. We are planning to expand our sustainable energy supply.

We also use eco-friendly products:

  • Refillable shampoo and soap

  • Natural ingredients in cosmetics - produced in Austria

  • Environmentally friendly cleaning agents

  • Recycling options for the guest

  • Digital services (check-in & check-out)

Environmental awareness at the Liebstöckl herbal restaurant

HOCHgenuss in mindfulness

The flavours of our Alpine herbs range from the first course to the sophisticated dessert of our exciting herbal menus.

The ingredients used by our kitchen team to create magic come from mindful and quality-conscious production. Regionality and seasonal freshness are important to us. We aim not only for your enjoyment, but also the sustainable use of food.

At Liebstöckl, this is a matter of course when it comes to your culinary enjoyment:

  • Conscious sourcing and optimised use of goods
  • Seasonal and regional products - 100 km radius
  • 90% regional suppliers
  • Waste avoidance and waste separation
  • Composting
  • Keeping our own chickens

Employees & company management

Highly motivated people -great capital

What does sustainability have to do with team culture? A lot.
Working conditions based on appreciation, nurture a climate of satisfaction. Fullfilment at work creates continuity in the team. Mindful cooperation guarantees a feel-good atmosphere that every guest can feel in the long term. And what motivates peole more than the feeling of beeing seen, understood and supported?

Our employees enjoy:

  • Fair and appropriate working conditions

  • Fair wages and working hours
  • Health and safety standards
  • Equal opportunities
  • Training and career opportunities
  • Measures for team development
  • Co-design and co-determination, especially on the topic of "enjoyment & sustainability"

We are also delighted to have received the "Family-friendly company Tyrol 2023" award and support the village life in Kaltenbach.

In the centre of possibilities

Car-free HOCHgefühl

Adventure in Kaltenbach is close at hand in the truest sense of the word. No matter what time of the year you visit us and in which direction you whizz off - you can do it without a car. The ideal location of our Hotel Hochzillertal literally invites you to organise a sustainable holiday. Enjoy attractive arrival and shopping facilities and short distances to access your sporting fun.

Advantages that not only the guest enjoys in Kaltenbach, but also the environment:

  • Active holidays (skiing, hiking) without a car

  • Only a few minutes' walk from the piste & hiking paradise

  • Train station in the village - 5 minutes on foot

  • We support your journey by train with a free shuttle service to the nearest railway station Kaltenbach/Stumm

  • Sports shops and ski hire in the immediate vicinity

  • Bike hire in the village - 3 minutes on foot

Sustainability at the
Kräuterhotel Hochzillertal at a glance

Small steps towards a big goal

"What we do today determines what the world will look like tomorrow."
Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

Mindful and respectful use of natural resources begins with considerations when shopping.
What or which product do we really need? What are the possible uses of the product? We take care to make sensible decisions with regard to the circular economy.

Our hotel stands for electricity generation through PV systems and hot water preparation through heat pumps, for the automation of light sources through motion detectors and for the complete replacement of light sources with LEDs.

By offering various working time models (e.g. free choice of the number of working days or hours per week), we can cater to the individual needs and current life situations of our employees and support them with regard to childcare times.

Our aim is to make our cleaning practices as sustainable as possible in order to minimise our impact on the environment. We use environmentally friendly cleaning supplies or do without them altogether - especially when cleaning windows. Through the targeted use of environmentally friendly alternatives, we create a hygienic and healthy atmosphere for our guests.

Our guests enjoy the option of paperless check-in and check-out. In this way, we save around 5000 sheets of A4 paper, toner and printer cartridges per year. In addition, documents relating to payroll accounting are transmitted digitally to our employees.

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