Original bacon from the Zillertal valley

The finest indulgence

Smoking bacon has long been a tradition here and involves meat from the farms being salted and smoked using traditional methods to preserve it for a longer period of time. This method of preservation is also used still today in Tyrol.

In order to offer our guests their own authentic Zillertal bacon of the highest quality, we have been smoking our own bacon for some time now at the Kräuterhotel Hochzillertal***S. We particularly relish tucking into the home-made bacon together with guests and the whole family – come and try it for yourself!

You are also very welcome to purchase our bacon and take it back home to share with your loved ones.

From raw meat to delicious bacon

Producing the Hochzillertal herb bacon

In order to produce our home-made herb bacon, we use only lean pork loin. This meat is carefully selected and sourced from our local butcher.

Salting is an essential part of successfully making herb bacon. We use our own recipe for this and the process is carefully completed by hand. In addition to pure sea salt, we use a special and strictly secret blend of herbs and, of course, our own natural herbs. These give the herb bacon its unmistakeable flavour. The herb bacon is stored in brine for three to four weeks and is turned regularly. But the smoking is also an important step in producing the herb bacon, not just the salting. Smoke from resin-free beech wood shavings is heated to the right temperature to allow the herb bacon to unleash its strong colour and unmistakeable flavours.

Our Hochzillertal herb bacon is left to mature for around 20 weeks after smoking. Chef Michael regularly checks the temperature and maturation process so that the herb bacon can develop its full flavour and be enjoyed by our guests at the Restaurant Liebstöckl.

Feel free to ask us about our unique Hochzillertal herb bacon during your stay!

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