Sustainability and a return to regional products are gaining importance in the catering and hotel industry. 70 percent of guests, according to a study by the Vienna University of Agricultural Sciences, want transparent and comprehensible indications of origin. Consumers wonder, "Where did you get the meat, eggs, vegetables, potatoes, fish ...?"

Establishments with the AMA Gastro seal of approval inform their guests of regional specialties and the origin of the agricultural raw materials in the menu. This strengthens awareness of the rural tradition, makes it worth preserving the cultural landscape and ensures the successful interplay of agriculture and food in Austria. In addition, the AMA seal of approval hosts commit to fresh preparation and to not using any food imitations or genetically modified foods. This will be reviewed at regular checks.

The close cooperation with local farmers, food manufacturers and retailers not only increases the value of cuisine in the region, but also sets a strong signal against the globalised, uniformed taste on the world’s plates.

We are convinced of the unique flavor of our local products - you will taste it!

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